MRWR ProStaff

For the second year we have a full Maumee River Walleye Run ProStaff. Our elite ProStaff team is composed of individuals who excel in fishing the Walleye Run. These men and women dedicate more hours in the water than most. They have a wide range of knowledge and are outstanding fisherman.

We have added them to the crew to help share fishing reports, knowledge, promote the walleye run, provide up to the day insight, communicate what is working and what is not. Many of these individuals are already volunteering their time to the community. I’m proud to have them join the team and have selected these individuals because of their extensive walleye run credentials.

Part of the role is to share information on our social media and website. They are very professional individuals, down to earth and humble fisherman. This year we have team members that fish both the Maumee River and Sandusky River.  Several have experiances both wader fishing and boat fishing which is a completely different experience. Most of all these individuals support our beliefs at the Maumee River Walleye Run.

Here is a quick Bio on the Maumee River Walleye Run ProStaff

Brian Miller – CEO

Jeff Miller – The Voice

Edwin Fernandez: The Paparazzi

Dennis @ DND Lures:

Kim Bo Larsen

Dennis Lincoln

Samantha Miller

Stephanie Davenport

Michael Lambert:

Zach George