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The Maumee River Walleye Run Podcast is the only place to get top-rated walleye fishing advice. Each week your host, Brian Miller, will cover all things walleye fishing. Tune in to each episode as we share new strategies, walleye run tips, expert interviews and equipment setup. This will be the most informative and entertaining 30-40 minutes of your week.

In each episode we will answer several questions submitted by the audience. Submit a question through the Contact Us or Facebook Page. Check it out on Podbean - Maumee River Walleye Run

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Show Notes 2019 #17: This year the ice chunks are still huge along the banks but that's not going to stop the walleye run. Our guest this week is Matt Sharrow a die-hard fisherman who excels at winter and early spring walleye. In this cold water conditions we’re going to cover how to get into the walleye during the early season. What equipment to use in the cold vs. the warmer weather. We'll bust a few myths around WD40, chap stick and RainX as a waterproofing substances. Let you know how to use mono instead of braid during the cold and how to keep equipment unfrozen. We'll also talk about how crazy we are around feeling walleye but in tandem discuss using the right clothing. Lastly, we give a real time ice jam update since we recorded while Jeff looked over the Maumee River for the most current reports.

Show Notes 2018 #16: Join us today to learn more about the health of Lake Erie, how the ODNR tracks walleye movement, how many walleye we really harvest on the Maumee River & Sandusky River. We even spend half the show talking about the impacts of harvesting FEMALE walleye both during the spring run and all season. We have Eric Weimer, Fisheries Biologist Supervisor, from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources specifically from the Sandusky Fisheries Research Station. His extensive knowledge gives us the real facts about females. This is a MUST LISTEN PODCAST!


Show Notes 2018 #15: Join us today to learn more about boating the Maumee River during the walleye run. We are joined with Zack George from Fish & Fowl Adventures. He is a master at navigating the people and river. Learn what size motor he recommends, cautions during both high and low water, smallest boat you should use, anchor size and much more. We even hear a few story’s about boating disasters that we’ve personally seen. Check out Fish & Fowl Adventures right here https://www.facebook.com/LakeErieFishingCharter/?ref=br_rs

Show Notes 2018 #14: In this episode you will learn how to really read the fishing reports. Don't get spoofed with dreams of quick limits and easy fishing during early to mid March. Learn what to do to increase your success in  the early season. Understand why the Maumee River and Sandusky River reports could be drastically different. Understand which river to fish and how techniques change from river to river.

Show Notes 2018 #13:Ever think about fly fishing the walleye Run? Sounds crazy but these guys have mastered it. We recorded this late last year but just made it available. Check out the unique opportunities and fishing style. Check out what Hunter Hayes and Brad Dunkle from Wildwood Anglers have to say about fly fishing the Maumee River Walleye Run. wildwoodanglers.com.

Show Notes 2017 #12: This show discusses how to have a tangle free day on the water. Learn how to avoid tangling with your fishing neighbor. Learn to avoid tangling with a short caster, when to cast, how to avoid tangling with a boat, and more. Find out when you should cut your line when tangled with another fisherman and how long to takes to retie an entire setup. Tune in to learn more on timing your cast and avoiding tangles.

Show Notes 2017 #11: This show discusses how to find and catch walleye in muddy water. Often times mud comes with high water but this is not always the case. We'll talk about where walleye go and how to catch them. There area a couple techniques that works great when water is in a transitional state. Tune in to learn more about capitalizing on these conditions.

Show Notes 2017 #10: We asked you to give use all the questions that you had for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officers. We asked him every question you can imagine. Snagging questions, netting questions, party fishing, boater vs. wader and much more. Is hooking the fish in the mouth from the inside out matter?  Can you give your hook the old Maumee twist? What can you do and what can't you do? Learn more from this episode then anything else we have ever recorded!

Show Notes 2017 #9: If you want to capitalize on the early March bite this is the show to listen to. We discuss how to catch a limit early, when to use lead, how long of a leader, the color and more. We also talk about how light impacts walleye and how a warm spell will double you're fishing success. We also cover all the new stuff we bring to you in the 2017 season. Tune into this great show.

Show Notes #8: If you are looking to feel more bites, catch a limit, and turn around your season then tune into this show. We go into details about how to select the perfect walleye run fishing rod. We cover the difference between a Lake Erie rod and a Maumee River Walleye Run rod. Anything specific on selecting a walleye rod, we cover it. Handle length, sensitivity, budget rods, and more. Tune in this is a great show.

Show Notes #7: Selecting the right fishing tackle combination takes a lot of different decision. So many times we’re asked how much weight, how long of a leader length, lure size, what color combination, and more. All of those little decisions are impacted by the fishing location, distance you’re casting, and personal fishing style. Learn in this episode how to select the right combinations every time. Discover why you need to make changes and what conditions will cause you to modify your approach even during the same fishing trip. Tune in right here.

Show Notes #6: Today’s Maumee River Walleye Run podcast we are joined with Chip Leer from Northland Tackle to discuss everything around floating jig heads. Leer brings two decades of fishing expertise as he has guiding experience, TV & Stage host for the National Walleye Tour, and Product Manager for Northland Tackle. We discuss what makes up a good walleye floating jig head, how high they float in the Maumee River, hook size and more. Learn just how durable floating hooks are and why bigger isn’t always better. Lastly we discuss how leader length impacts the floater in turbulent water? This is one you don’t want to miss. Catch up with Northland Tackle at www.northlandtackle.com

Show Notes #5: In this podcast we get into the both the hook set and knowing how to feel a bite. This is so important when walleye are finicky or during cold fronts. In the episode we cover what a bite feels like, how to capitalize on every bite, utilizing consent line tension, successfully fishing during windy conditions, and more. These techniques are sure to improve your odds on scoring a limit of walleye.

Show Notes #4: The 4th Maumee River Walleye Run Podcast is dedicated to netting walleye. We get into modifications to improve our nets, how to loose less fish, hand netting and more. We also answer the audience question on locations to fish without waders and the time we expect the run will peak.

Show Notes #3: The 3rd Maumee River Walleye Run Podcast discusses high water fishing. Where to fish, techniques to catch more, timing the water to catch congregated walleye, and more

Show Notes #2: Today is our 2nd Maumee River Walleye Run Podcast, this week we discuss how to capitalize on cold front walleye, lead jigs versus floaters, and more. Tune in each week to get techniques, equipment insight, and listener questions answered.

Show Notes #1: Learn how to get set for the Maumee River Walleye Run.  We discuss pouring lead, common sizes, wader thickness, fixing waders, and tackle system.  Also we discuss floater sizes, grub tail sizes and colors. After getting you gear ready we discuss backup equipment that will save a trip.