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1: Walleye River Book

Check a complete guide to “Fishing the Maumee River Walleye Run”. This book goes in-depth on all the ins and outs of fishing the river. In addition, there is a second book offer for those bow hunters. This book, "The Ultimate Bowhunters Gear Guide” offers bowhunter’s in inside look at selecting the right gear for hunting.  To order the books click here.

2: Water Level and Water Temp Reported Hourly

Fishing on the Maumee River requires knowledge of the river height. We pulling this data every 30 minutes so everyone can see the trends. This is very impactful when deciding on a fishing location. Also fishing techniques change when when the river has rising and falling water levels. In addition, water temp can cause fish to become active or inactive. Air tempurature has no effect on the fish, it's all about water temperature!

3: Fishing Report via Facebook!

Brian Miller is in the water getting reports on a daily basis. He relies on a network of local avid fisherman, local tackle shops, and personal fishing experiances to give daily updates. You will get many successful pictures and reports each day. If fishing turns on you will know because Facebook has been the best avenue for communicating. Make sure to share your own pictures on the page. Lastly make sure to Like and Share the page.!/maumeeriverwalleyerun 

4: Free Gear

Who doesn't want free gear? THis page offeres a variety of raffles and give aways. The Maumee River Walleye Run is amazing for the local economy and I support the community and vendors. Many of these businesses want to give back to you. These raffles are primarly drive through our social media so make sure to like the page.!/maumeeriverwalleyerun

5: Exclusive Information

Sign up to get exclusive information, tips on what is working, what's not. You will be the first to know about weekly free gear give aways. Sign up here by emailing

6: Podcast & Videocast

New this year we'll offer a weekly podcast or video cast. Make sure to Like our Facebook page and signup

About the author

Brian Miller

Brian Miller had the great opportunity to grow up near the Maumee River. He was only 10 years old when he first had the experience of his life: the Maumee River Walleye Run. Since then he has not missed a season.

He has taken the opportunity to share his 25 years of Maumee River fishing knowledge. Miller’s primary focus is writing about his outdoor strategies. Each year he contributes his expertise to many local and national publications. His words are brimming with wisdom, presented in a lighthearted, entertaining style.


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