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Inside the pages of "Fishing the Maumee River Walleye Run" you will learn how to:

The purpose of this book is to help you become more knowledgeable about fishing the walleye run. There are special techniques that only work here, secret tips only known by local fishermen, and timeframes to target trophy walleyes. When I look over the river there are more unproductive locations then productive. In these pages I will walk you through identifying the key locations regardless of the weather or river conditions. This will unlock the key for success even under the toughest conditions of rising water or cold fronts.


Beyond techniques I have had the opportunity to study the walleye senses. A scientific look into walleye has helped me understand why some fishing techniques work and others do not. We will dig deep to explain vision as it relates to lure color; taste and smell as it relates to impregnated and spray on scent; lateral line and hearing as it relates to lure vibrations and boat noise. The ultimate question is answered within these pages. Where are the best locations to fish for walleye on the Maumee River? This book reaches far beyond the basics techniques, perfect for a novice or experienced walleye hunter. This is the most extensive information written on the Maumee River Walleye Run today. I firmly believe the knowledge and experience you will glean from these pages will help you become an extremely successful walleye river fisherman.


Additionally learn this valuable Maumee River fishing information:

*Identify the top Maumee River locations by water level.

*How to place jigs in structure walleye can’t resist.

*Revealing how water level and flow affects walleye.

*Identify which color combinations work best.


Inside the book is 220 pages of content and over 100 pictures/illustrations .Following are the chapters within:


Chapter 1: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Chapter 2: Equipment Insight 
Chapter 3: Walleye Senses - Vision
Chapter 4: Walleye Senses - Smell & Taste
Chapter 5: Walleye Senses - Lateral Line & Hearing
Chapter 6: Reading the Water
Chapter 7: Structure
Chapter 8: Jig Fishing Techniques
Chapter 9: It’s More Than a Feeling
Chapter 10: Double or Nothing
Chapter 11: River Water Levels
Chapter 12: Spawn Phases
Chapter 13: Trophy Walleye
Chapter 14: Fishing Locations
Chapter 15: Angler Respect
Chapter 16: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Chapter 17: Safety on the Water
Chapter 18: Walleye Resources


About the author

Brian Miller

Brian Miller had the great opportunity to grow up near the Maumee River. He was only 10 years old when he first had the experience of his life: the Maumee River Walleye Run. Since then he has not missed a season.

He has taken the opportunity to share his 25 years of Maumee River fishing knowledge. Miller’s primary focus is writing about his outdoor strategies. Each year he contributes his expertise to many local and national publications. His words are brimming with wisdom, presented in a lighthearted, entertaining style.


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